LIFE Life is never a bed of Rose, It acts whatever you oppose. Learn the way to handle it, And Go the way to help a bit. Life may be a kit full of problem, But..Be somebody's Positive Emblem. Never Ever Giveup, Because....Problems come with a Backup. Life is the way you compose... With Positive... Continue Reading →

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Dramatic Irony

Hey! Hope you have read the title carefully. No? Okay, Read it again! So what came to your mind when you read "Dramatic Irony" in a title? Were you aware of this word before or you thought to google it? It's perfectly okay if you don't know! What I believe in is, "If I don't... Continue Reading →

On That Day

How many of you have said or heard, "I started this on that particular day because of some reasons!" Does this sentence created a curiosity in your mind too? If so, then there must be so many questions in your mind like I have! What forced them to cross their limits and be addictive? No,... Continue Reading →

Friends With Benefits

"Friends with Benefits!", doesn't it sounds like 'Selfishness'? But don't you think this is "Indulgence", positive type of selfishness? Because one can't benefits you if you're not indulged with them and if you're indulged with them, you would definitely not be selfish(Yeah, agree! I know exceptions are always there!). "Hey! Why don't you stay with... Continue Reading →

Father’s Love

"No Dad! I don't need this, I've. Keep it with you!", She said. "No problem! Keep this as well. Bring it back if you won't use. But keep it with you!", Father responded with a sweet smile. Most of you have gone through this situation when your father doesn't have much to offer but still,... Continue Reading →

Spark ✨

Accept that you're alive by God's grace, But you're part of this human race! No, you're not meant to be part of this crowd, You're born to fly high in clouds! Whatever weighs you down while flying, Leave that and stop sighing! Smile, because you realized what weighs you down, You're one step closer to... Continue Reading →

Fifth Gear Of Life

From the word "Fifth Gear", you might be now thinking about driving a car at super fast speed with no traffic jams at the road and singing along "Suhana Safar Aur Yeh Mausam Haseen!". Oh C'mon, come back from your imaginary world and think about jams at roads in your locality. Sometimes you got stuck in... Continue Reading →

Odd Numbers!

Honestly, I did not know what time it was. It wasn’t one of those moments when you can’t tell if it’s five in the evening or seven. It was one of those when you wake up abruptly only to see that it’s still dark outside, but you can’t decide whether you’ve slept too much, or […]... Continue Reading →

New Beginning!

While scrolling Facebook,Instagram and many other social networking sites, all I can see is , everyone talking about "What's your new year resolution?" ! I just want you know, "Do you really need a new year to set a new target? Can't a new day or new hour or new minute allows you to set... Continue Reading →

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